The Magnificent Seven: Advice for Business & Life

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Whether in business or life in general, we can all strive to “reach a little higher” and “do a little better”.  I’ve put together a “Magnificent 7” list.  Hopefully, a couple will resonate.

Always Do The Right Thing - Always

Obviously, this should be a universal truth/practice.  Regardless if it’s your personal life or your business life, you never should compromise your ideals or your integrity.  Not even (and maybe especially) for personal or financial gain. 

Your reputation is everything.  And like getting a “D” on a mid-term exam.  It’s always easier to “fall” than to climb your way back to an “A”.  Regaining people’s trust & respect is tough once you’ve lost them.

Surround Yourself With The Best

Listen to and trust your team. Realize that there is no way you could know everything that you need to know to do your business.  Focus on your strengths and place team members where you need support and are not the expert. Utilize their strengths and you won’t find yourself in over your head.

Encapsulate Being Divergent

It’s so easy to surround ourselves with team members who have similar backgrounds & who think as we do.  But doing so can actually be a hindrance to new ideas & growth.  Diversify your team – age, race & gender.  But, don’t forget differing view-points as well.  The person playing the “devil’s advocate” may actually help push boundaries & create growth by helping you look at things differently.

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Don't Hold Back Your Aces

Bringing your entrepreneurial vision to fruition takes a team of smart and experienced people. Find them, trust them and empower them.  Their ability to make and take decisive action will help you build the business of your dreams.

Don't Avoid Confrontation

Confrontation happens and you have to learn to deal with it. It’s always hard, but running away is not the answer.   Confrontation is still uncomfortable for me.  But I’d rather address difficult topics and talk about different points of view than let things fester.

But, Don't Fuel Confrontation Either

In attempts to address difficult issues, we can occasionally stir things up rather than smooth them over.  It’s easy to do, especially when we let our emotions dictate our words & actions.  So, the best strategy is to remove emotional entanglements from the equation. Before you even address the issue, take deep breaths, count to ten & go to your Zen place.  Basically, set your mind & emotions to cool & calm.

“Done Is Better Than Perfect.”

I fall into this trap all the time!  I have a certain vision in my head of a project, a design, even a form.  And then I’ll spend an inordinate amount of time making sure everything’s “perfect”.  No one cares about which exact shade of blue you’ve chosen.  The devil is in the superfine print details.  Finish the broad strokes & call it good.  If you really, must have the superfluous details, do them afterward.

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